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Great comfort food, local meats & fresh fish and truly homemade desserts in Ottawa, Ontario

Bistro Fare

Moules Frites
Mussels, frites, your choice of sauce 19
-White wine, shallots, garlic
-Green curry, lemongrass, coconut milk
-Red wine, tomato, chorizo

Sea Scallops
Bacon & maple caramel seared sea scallops, green onion, cranberry, corn lemon zest, Israeli cous cous salad 23

Beer Battered Fish & Frites
Fresh cod fillets; Steam Whistle batter; frites; coleslaw; remoulade 22

Bill’s Burger  
O’Brien Farms ground beef, gorgonzola mayo, lettuce, tomato, cheddar, bacon, crispy peppers & onions, frites 19.5

Pecan Burger
A vegetarian pecan burger, garlic tahini yogurt, pickled vegetables, mixed greens salad 18.5

Rice Bowl
Black sticky rice, agave & mirin marinated tofu, bok choy, skitake mushrooms, red pepper ribbon 24